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CARTA ENERGY is a private investment firm focused in three sectors of the energy industry:

• Renewable energy companies and technologies
• Midstream and infrastructure assets
• Oilfield service firms

Carta's founder, Sidney L Tassin, has established relationships and experience in each of these sectors during his 30 years in the energy industry. As President of Energy Spectrum Capital LP, an institutional private equity firm, Mr. Tassin led portfolio company investments in each of the three sectors between 1996 and 2006.

In the renewable sector, for example, Mr. Tassin led Energy Spectrum's investment in Clipper Windpower, Inc., in 2002. Mr. Tassin originated, structured and monitored the investment through 2006. Clipper went public on the London AIM market in 2004 and grew to achieve a market capitalization of over $1.2 billion by mid-2007. Mr. Tassin continued to serve as a Clipper director and strategic advisor until the sale of Clipper to United Technologies Corp. in 2010.

Carta pursues development, acquisition and investment opportunities in each of the three areas. Further, on a selective basis, Carta undertakes merger, restructuring and capital raising projects.