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About Carta Energy

Carta is a private investment firm focused on classic midstream businesses, oilfield service companies, and renewable energy technologies. Carta works with entrepreneurs and company founders to source capital and navigate the paths to commercial success. Along the way, Carta provides strategic advisory and transaction execution services to senior management teams.

Over 30 years of industry experience

Carta was founded by Sidney Tassin, an energy executive with over three decades of experience in multiple sectors of the energy industry. Tassin’s experiences include:

  • MESA Inc. & predecessors (1980 to 1994)—finance executive of this independent oil and gas exploration and production company, overseeing both financial operations and significant acquisition and investment activity; 
  • Energy Spectrum Capital (1995 to 2006)—founder and president of this private equity firm focused on the midstream energy sector, plus renewable energy and oilfield services; 
  • Carta Energy (2007 to Present)—founder and president of this investment and advisory firm; and
  • Serving on the Boards of Directors of six publicly traded companies and multiple private energy companies in various sectors of the energy industry, including roles as Lead Director, Vice Chair, Audit Committee Chair, Comp Committee, and Independent Director Conflict Committee.

Mr. Tassin led Energy Spectrum’s successful investment in Clipper Windpower, Inc. In the renewable sector in 2002. He originated, negotiated, and structured the transaction and served as a Director and Advisor to Clipper and its management team until its acquisition by United Technologies Corp. in 2010. Clipper achieved significant growth and became a public entity via an IPO on the London AIM market (Alternative Investment Market) in 2005. Through the IPO and multiple private placements, and secondary offerings of equity, Clipper attained A Market Capitalization Surpassing $1.2 Billion By Mid-2007.